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Fumiko-Mini (Animated) by EimiFlutterBy My Aaart~ (Well not this cute pixel ^ ^ That's by Eithne!)


deviation in storage by miyeo

If you've come here to thank me for a fave, You don't have to. It's my pleasure.



Furocone contest entry by Fumiko-Mini
Furocone contest entry
Do you remember CLAMP? Yeah? ...yeahhhh ;;;; *cough*legs*cough*
the style I finished this in was not the same as I started it in haha ;;; I was trying new things anyway...

I think they are OOC but I gave up along time ago... even so I would have finished this whether I had made it in time for the contests deadline or not.
Speaking of which I totally thought the deadline was tomorrow so I've been working really casually on this until today when I actually decided to check (thank fate I did haha!) because the deadline was today ._____.''

:bulletblue:I chose the dessert theme but I think it can also double for the date theme:bulletblue:
I don't mind if I'm disqualified or anything hehe I had fun~~!

Characters belong to Derp-Of-The-Century and MewMizu
Art is by Fumiko-Mini
A girl for drawing practice. by Fumiko-Mini
A girl for drawing practice.
Bah I forgot to colour the lineart and i've already merged the layers Oreki Sigh Icon 

Anyway this is my character from LinePlay in her female appearance! The rabbit ears are soooo annoying because her human ears are there as well in game ughh ;;

I don't have much to say... it's been a while, how are you?

Also I have another account which I'm debating moving to ;;; Blue Arrow Left :icontauriis: (You don't have to watch me there if you don't want to!) Because this account is pretty much dead...

Art/character: Fumiko-Mini
Concept: Line
.:Everlasting Chain:. Kaori by Fumiko-Mini
.:Everlasting Chain:. Kaori
For :iconeverlastingchain:
:star:The original file was deleted by mistake so some of the history may have changed because I can't remember what was there:star:
They say third time's the charm

Name: Kaori Nakamura
Alias: n/a
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species: Human
Height/Weight: 165.1cm / 60kg
Occupation: Florist
Birthday: 28th July
Zodiac: Leo
Orientation: Bi-curious


Fruit parfait and anything with fruit in it, mint tea, decorations and clothing with star/galactic patterns on them.


Earl grey tea, choco coronet, macaron, Jasper, onyx, quartz, mushrooms, music boxes, little ornaments, books, play scripts (like Shakespeare or smth).


Flowers (esp. Pansies), Rose tea, glass items, items that obviously haven't been taken care of (i.e brass things not polished, instruments not tuned or books left laying open).


Vegetables, curry, tapioca, jelly sweets, things with a weird texture.


Gentle | Cowardly | Humble | Childish

He is very cautious of how others act and treats people close to him with care. He is not brave and will openly show this is in various situations leaving him embarrassed after it has passed. Openly expresses his dislike of things without any thought to their creator, both intentional and unintentional.


Throughout his life he was seen as a strange boy and many refused to interact with him and thus leaving him out-casted. This led him to be slightly unable to interact well with others, thus further proving his image of strange.

He wanted to increase his ability to talk and interact with others, to do so he asked his step-mother if he could use her flower shop located in Everlasting Chain, a town known for it's friendly nature. His step-mother agreed wholeheartedly with the idea and convinced Kaori's father to let him go, believing it would be good for him to get out of the house once in a while.

Additional Info

>Has a dark aura and is naturally nervous.
>His cautious nature is often mistaken for being shy.
>He doesn't like to be given flowers as he spends his time working with them.
>He is scared of the dark.

RP method | Availability

Any is fine, I have a slight preference of script and through notes though ehe... and I will avoid chatrooms!

I can't believe I made him back in July!Mochizou Surprised Icon You should see my original designs for him ;;; ...SO BAD
Also please bear(?) with me I'm awful at RP /////////


Fumiko-Mini's Profile Picture
Artist | Digital Art
Yami for Fumiko-Mini! X33 by Candyholic97
DB3 - Always Read Comments by SparkLum

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:bulletblue::bulletpurple: new account:- :icontauriis: :bulletpurple::bulletblue:
:bulletpink::bulletred:inactive account- :iconminox2::bulletred::bulletpink:

I'm Minori~! It's nice to meet you! :iconsayhiplz:
Thanks for visiting~ I hope you have a lovely day~


Epic Fail Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Twisted Wonderland Stamp by azuna10

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