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My Aaart~ (Well not this cute pixel ^ ^ That's by Eithne!)


If you've come here to thank me for a fave, You don't have to. It's my pleasure.


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I really want to change my username;;;

I will put commission info here in a moment ;P

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:bulletpink::bulletred:Backup/commision account:- :iconminox2::bulletred::bulletpink:
I'm Minori~! It's nice to meet you! :iconsayhiplz:
Thanks for visiting~ I hope you have a lovely day~


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Wheee hello :iconhesmileplz:

It's been another long while... feel free to skip this if you want to see the tag only~~~

I didn't get into the advanced class but that's oki I'm doing the extra work at home :iconorekisighplz: It's quite a bit of work but totally worth it! I'm working towards an art school!! Yeaaay ehe~~

Also something totally cute happened and I can't stop thinking about it :iconbedsighplz: I mean this kind of stuff just doesn't happen to me;;;; Hihihi~~;;

I'm also going to delete the majority of my gallery... I'll keep the first few pictures for inspiration things but I want to start again! I mean totally again! And be more active which I don't think will be much of a problem :iconorekismileplz: I mean really this time. It'll be nearly the same as before!



>>Sometimes my body loses all sense of coordination and anything that is usually really easy is suddenly very difficult;;;
>>When I was a child I used to believe if you ate a seed a tree would grow out of you.
>>Everytime I finish a drawing that took hours my hand usually locks in the position I hold my pen > <
>>Even if I try my hardest I always end up nearly missing a set deadline...
>>I take a long time to get into something;; Especially skills I want to learn;;
>>My family often forgets that I'm actually quite smart;;; (not blowing my own horn //toot toot//)
>>I get misunderstood really easily.
>>I have a hard time talking loud... you can even ask my friends this eheh...;;;
>>No matter how late I stay up at night I can't sleep past noon (which is annoying believe me)
>>I don't really mind what people think of me untill they say it to my face :/


Ginchi-chan's questions~

1.What is you favorite color?

Deep Green, Dark Blue, Soft Orange, Bright Purple, Black, White and Grey!

2.What is you favorite TV series?

Doctor Whoooo :D

3.Chinese food or Japanese food?

Tought one > <''
I really like Wontons from Chinese food but I also like Takoyaki from Japanese food!
I think the Takoyaki wins this one :icondroolplz:

4.How old were you when you started drawing?

I've actually been drawing since I could hold a pencil but if you mean seriously I discovered anime when I was 11 and started drawing it when I was 12!

5.What is the place you want to travel the most?

I'd love to visit Holland again but if it's a place I haven't been before it's a tie between France and Japan!

6.What is your favorite anime character

Emil Castagnier! (If he counts... he's from an anime game anyway;;; ) if it's from an actual anime show then I really like Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata!

7.Cororing pensils or Copic Markers?

Copic Markers! (the ones I use are ProMarkers;; )

8.Macaroni or Pizza?

Macaroni (with breadcrumbs on it u_u)

9.Where do you live? (stalky voice)

ehe Scotland :eyes:

10.What si your favorite series when you were a kid?

I loved Teen Titans~~

RomaViela's questions~

1. What is the most awkward thing you have said to someone.

This one time I was in my friends parents shop, they run a jewellery store, and my mom made a comment that I sould buy her something from the store for her birthday. But you see, they use real gold and jewels in their jewellery so it's not exacty the cheapest store, understandible of course.
So anyway I completely forgot where I was for a moment and said something totally offensive about the prices in the store... I didn't realise my mistake until much later (too late) and I still feel bad to this day x'D

2. What is your weakness? (Mine are adorable animals...)

I don't really have one aha... there's this certain type of sauce though (don't know the name) and if it's on a food then I HAVE to eat it. No matter how much I've eaten before... I'm a slob :iconasunaheheplz:

3. Have you ever made a piece of art/ writing that you are totally impressed with? Link it! I wanna see! OuO

I'm working on one now actually! I will put it here when I'm done~

4. Have you ever tried sculpting? I made something that looked like Han Solo (from Star Wars) head...

That sounds cool *_*
I made a model chair once (hand sized) for an art project but i hated it so I weakened the legs so when the teacher put it in the kiln it collapsed :icon (that is if you mean a clay sculpture?)

5. Has anyone stole something of yours... someone stole my other dog and sold her.

Oh no that's awful o:< They are a horrible person!
I had a friend years ago, we used to play together at my house but she always stole my toys... I'm now totally wary of everyone comeing to my house now =_=

6. Have any song that inspires you to do something?

I guess Ren'ai Yuusha (sung by Anna Nyui (utauloid) *_*) and 7 Minutes Dead (Halloween Remix) by MonsterCat!

7. Do you have anyone that inspires you? Lots of people here inspire me! ... be specific!

Ahhhh... I know too many inspiring people;; Lots of people here on deviantart, also tumblr and my (fake) facebook (which is honestly too many to mention;;; ) and also Hayao Miyazaki, Goro Miyazaki and Yoko Shimomura!

8. What inspired you to do what you do? Art/writing... ect.

I was really sad for a long time, just before it started I learned what anime was and how to draw it. When I became sad/upset drawing was like an outlet for these emotions... now that I'm not sad anymore I can't draw like I used to ;_;; I'm trying to get better now and find a new muse(?) I guess.
I still draw 10x better when I'm upset though :iconasunaheheplz:

9. Have you ever had a shocking moment that you will never forget? (That Chuck E. Cheese mouse trying to hug me when I was five. QnQ)

Yeahhh one night I was lying in my bed, and I totally hate lying with my back facing away from the wall (I just feel so unsafe...) but it's also the way I can sleep easier in my bed -_-;; So this one night I worked up the courage to actually face the wall when sleeping, this meant my back was facing the open (rest of my room), and I'm just lying there thinking of animation plans and scripts (cause that stuff sends me to sleep for sure @_@ )when all of a sudden I heard another voice talking, so I stopped thinking because I wasn't sure if it was me or not (you know;;; ) but it wasn't! Something was totally whispering into my ear! It was a male voice and the only thing I caught before freaking out was '...and that is...' then I rolled round and turned on the lamp there was no one there ;_;;; I didn't sleep the rest of the night aha;;

10. It took a lot for me to think of all this... What do you not have tolerance for? MY CAT TRYING TO SLEEP ON MY KEYBOARD.

Haha my cat does that to!
I have no tolerence for when people thinner than me say they're too fat and then proceed to tell me I'm not fat >_> (i mean if you're anorexic or bulimic then oki I get it but the people that say that are none of those...)

Ahh that's all, not tagging anyone though, excuse me -_-

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